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Your Barbecue "Braai" cooking experience

just got better!

Step up to the grill with our premier African firewood and enjoy a long lasting burn with minimal smoke.

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Grillmasters firewood
  • The slow burning wood is ideal for fire-pits and fireplaces
  • Enjoy less smoke, yet a tasting food, rich with sweet aromas
  • Log burners: Value for money, unmatched heat with minimal smoke 
  • The perfect heat source for Grills, Barbecues and Braai
  • Use it in your commercial Pizza Ovens with its long lasting burn
  • Adds an amazing aroma and flavor to your food
  • ​Whole sale pricing available

Cooking meals using our African firewood as fuel is an age-old practice that has many benefits.


When you barbecue with our firewood like the premier Namib Kameel Doring hardwood, it adds a delicious slightly smokey flavor to your choice of food.

It is simply not possible to replicate it with other types of wood. You all also enjoy a grilling experience with less smoke due to the hard density and characteristics of the wood.